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Organic Pine Nut Kernel

Colour :Off White
Size :Long
Packing : 10 kg. Crtn
Quality :H/Roast 2% Broken
origen : pakistan
size 1.5-2cm
count : 300-450 /100grm count
packing : 10 kg in alluminum foil in crtn
colour : ivory white
process: half roaste
delivry 5- 7 days after payment

Castoreum: (Castoreum Pods/Glands)

Available in 3 Grades:

Grade 1:Large Sizes,Fully Dried,Full of Castoreum

Grade 2:Medium Sizes,Dried,Full of Castoreum

Grade 3:Small sizes/Shells,Full dried,

Packing:Moisture resistant Barrel/Cartoons

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Scamonny Resin:

.Highly Concentrated Extract of Scamonny root(convulvulus Scamonnia).


Either Solubility:65% /Water :insoluble

Packing:Moisture resistant Barrel/Cartoons

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Special Products


We present wide variety of Fresh Mango highly acclaimed in the market. Our range of Honey Mangoes comprises of Kesar Mango, Alphonso Mango, Chaunsa Mango, Sindri Mango, and Beghan Phali. These pulpy and luscious mangoes are extremely delectable. Apart from that, we are one of the principal Exporters of Mango.

We deal in diffrent kinds of fresh Honey mangoes like Alphanso, Kesar , Sindri ,Chaunsa, Beghan Phali

  • Size : 250 grams to up
  • Packing : As per customer requirement 3 kg 5 kg 7 kg Carton box
  • Shipment : By Air and By Sea
Red Coral:

N&S Trading specializes in supplying the finest quality of Red Coral Stone also termed as Organ Pipe Coral. In Arabic, it is termed as Nashif whereas in local trading terms it is commonly known as Busad and Bekh Marjan. It is classified under cnidarians. This distinctive species belongs to the genus Tubipora musica and is found in shallow waters of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean and tend to live in sheltered areas. This deep red coloured coral stones are very hard in nature, characterized by long, parallel upright polyps supported by a skeleton of rigid organ pipe-like tubes of calcium carbonate. There is a series of polyps on each tube and each tube has eight feather-like tentacles. This medicinal herb is also effective in curing internal bleeding system in women together with regulating their menstrual cycle. The herb is considered as an effective cure for piles/ hemorrhoids diseases and also being tested and studied for various natural curative properties. Red Coral stone is also used in making jewelry items such as pendants, necklace, rings, cufflinks, buttons and also has its usage in making marble slabs..

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